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Recipe: World’s Fluffiest Chocolate Chip Cookie

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? There are SO many different chocolate chip cookies out there, it’s impossible to call mine the best. Don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty damn amazing, but as I always say, the world is better with options! This recipe is for the imagination. If you want a basic, gooey chocolate chip cookie try these. If you want a crispy ...

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Recipe: Banana Pudding the RIGHT Way

Growing up my mom used to make conventional “banana pudding” – complete with boxed vanilla wafers, and jello mix…Oh Snap! AT AGE 20, I finally had REAL banana pudding and my life has never been the same. I was expecting a cold, artificially flavored, cream pie-like dish, but the real deal was warm and literally melted in my mouth. For some reason beyond my understanding, ...

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Recipe: Too many overripe bananas?

Traditional Southern Banana Pudding is quite possibly the most delicious dessert on the planet. However, between the sugar, butter, and chemical crackers (vanilla wafers) you’re asking for medical problems y eating this one. If you’re not into killing yourself slowly, you could always go for my favorite healthy breakfast/dessert, “banana nice cream.” You can find some “nice cream” recipes here. If you’ve had ...

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8 Things People Don’t Tell You About Studying Abroad

Like many people, my educational experience lacked passion and direction. I am a very visual, creative, and interactive leaner – standardized testing and lecture halls just aren’t my cup of tea. During my junior year of college I was inspired to sign up for a 2 week trip to Quito, Ecuador. I had no idea how much that experience would change my life. After living ...

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10 Wildest Festivals Around the World

As a world traveler and entrepreneur, I have thousands of goals for what I’d like to do in my lifetime. My MANY bucket lists consist of traditional goals, travel goals, adventure goals, business venture goals, relationship goals, and creative goals. I separate them into a bunch of different lists so I can keep track of my goals/achievements in a tangible way. I ...

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Imaginary Chef Feature: Miss Universe Canada Finalist, Monika Horvat

FROM IMMIGRANT TO MISS UNIVERSE Recently I had the privilege to interview Miss Universe Canada finalist, Monika Horvat. As part of her preparation for the pageant, Monika is following a workout regime from Peak Nutrition CA, and The Imaginary Chef Diet. Monika was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada at 3 years old. She will graduate with a bachelors in ...

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