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Vegan Trials

I’ve always been prone to getting sick this time of year, however I thought living in LA would somehow change that. The Midwest is notorious for sudden temperature shifts, humidity, frost, tornados, the worst of the worst… However, the flu is going around and I wanted to be on the safe side. So for the month of November, I ate ...

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Freedom Through Food

For some insane reason, we think food is to blame for mental, physical, and even financial pain we’ve suffered. Quite the contrary, REAL food is provided by the Earth to nourish us, provide us with energy, and even protect us against bacteria and disease. Mental Freedom Food can provide us with mental freedom, reminding us that our basic needs are ...

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9 Reasons Why the Internet is a Weird Place

1. ONE in THREE new relationships begins online As the number of people interacting on a daily basis decreases, the number of relationships initiated online increases. The anonymity of meeting someone from behind a computer screen makes this form of dating preferable for many. Online dating sites can be used for anything from one-night-stands, to serious dating, or even finding ...

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