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9 Reasons Why the Internet is a Weird Place

1. ONE in THREE new relationships begins online As the number of people interacting on a daily basis decreases, the number of relationships initiated online increases. The anonymity of meeting someone from behind a computer screen makes this form of dating preferable for many. Online dating sites can be used for anything from one-night-stands, to serious dating, or even finding ...

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6 Things Missing From Your Bucket List

Life is all about, spontaneity, adventure, and passion. So many people put their dreams on the back burner until they retire and end up too unhealthy to fulfill them. The best time to follow your dreams is now. I suggest writing a [bucket] list to keep track of your progress toward achieving your dreams. An average bucket list consists of things like traveling ...

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8 Things People Don’t Tell You About Studying Abroad

Like many people, my educational experience lacked passion and direction. I am a very visual, creative, and interactive leaner – standardized testing and lecture halls just aren’t my cup of tea. During my junior year of college I was inspired to sign up for a 2 week trip to Quito, Ecuador. I had no idea how much that experience would change my life. After living ...

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HOW TO: Write A Bestseller Overnight

Around Thanksgiving 2014 I began to notice how many of my relatives were suffering from debilitating illnesses like diabetes, and cancer. At both Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinner these same individuals would pile their plates high with salty, fatty, and sugary foods. They were addicted to the foods that were ruining their lives. The Cajun Caveman was a book created out ...

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5 Unusual Ways to Find True Love

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I decided to write a post about love. This post is all about how to attract and keep a strong, long-lasting relationship. I met my husband when I was 15 and he was 16. We dated throughout high school and college. He moved to Mississippi for college, then transferred to my school, then I ...

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