HOW TO: Write A Bestseller Overnight

Around Thanksgiving 2014 I began to notice how many of my relatives were suffering from debilitating illnesses like diabetes, and cancer. At both Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinner these same individuals would pile their plates high with salty, fatty, and sugary foods. They were addicted to the foods that were ruining their lives. The Cajun Caveman was a book created out of inspired action. I couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer, watching my loved ones kill themselves. I had to offer an alternative.  You can purchase my first book here.

I began writing my book in December and by mid-February, it was ready for release. I placed it available for pre-order late one evening, and overnight it became a best seller. This just goes to show that we are totally capable of achieving whatever we want in life. It turns out I had found an unsaturated market of readers & an unfulfilled niche. I am completely convinced that my “inspired action” created the perfect opportunity. I couldn’t have found it without a combination of these things. Following the guidelines I’ve laid out will nearly guarantee your success as an author and in life.

1. Avoid Prescription Medication

This is a BIG one! Don’t take any medication…don’t even get a flu shot. Pharmaceutical drugs are unnatural and can affect our mental clarity & creativity. Any type of synthetic drug, even birth control, WILL alter your natural body chemistry which can affect your creative energy. There are also a host of other side effects that can occur, such as depression, anxiety, etc. Purifying the body will help to purify your mind and tap into that 3rd eye!

2. Cut out Sugar

IMG_6230I wanted to tone up for a trip I’d planned to Miami Beach for New Years – right in the middle of my writing The Cajun Caveman. Part of my regimen was to cut out sugar almost completely, never exceeding 25 grams a day. My goal was to burn fat, while eating healthy fats and protein to define my muscles. For the three weeks leading up to my trip, I limited my sugar intake 6 days a week. I felt a huge difference in mental clarity and overall energy levels throughout the day.

However, I had no idea how much this would help with my book. The right kind of sugar is important for survival, but Americans like to overeat and much of our bodies’ fats stores are filled with excess sugar. I found that cutting my sugar intake nearly eliminated writer’s block.

3. Green Vein Borneo Kratom

I’ve read mixed reviews on Kratom but my experience with it has been overwhelmingly positive. Its completely exceed my expectations as far as productivity, and overall sense of well-being. I was first introduced to Kratom at a Kava Bar in Miami. I did a little research and thought it to be more helpful than harmful. Kratom is a tea-like substance in the coffee family. I like to add it to orange juice, yogurt, or applesauce in the morning. During the period when I was writing my book and testing recipes, it helped me to focus and think more creatively. Kratom has relieved my back pain from a car accident years ago, and helped me overcome illnesses. I take Green Vein Borneo for a stimulant effect when I want to be productive, and Red Vein Thai my anxiety is high and I need something to take the edge off. I cannot say enough good things about this stuff! I purchase mine here:

4. Practice Meditation & Consistent Manifestation

Meditation and yoga practice were crucial to my evolution as an author. I tried a hot yoga class in November before I ever thought about writing a cookbook. The detox it offered was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, and I fell in love. Hot yoga compresses and massages the organs in the body, it flushes out toxins, and requires an incredible amount of focus. Thus clearing the mind/body of all trivial matter, and allowing the soul to take over. I could feel minor differences in my body that I’d never felt before, and as a result I began eating a fully organic diet.

Meditation is all about breathing and clearing the mind. I used to think it was a practice for Buddhists and hippies. However, its more about allowing your imagination to expand. As we age, we lose our innocence and connection to the world beyond our day to day lives. Its easy to forget that more exists. Like a child, meditation allows us to spend time dreaming of all the things we want for our lives and lose touch with reality. It removes inhibitions, limiting beliefs we place on ourselves, and helps us have an overall sense of well-being. I cannot emphasize enough how important holding a mental image of your desires is to your success.

Many people meditate by either focusing intently on one thing, or focusing on nothing at all. Manifestation is another layer of meditation where you hold onto a mental image, focusing all of your energy intently on a goal or idea. I tell myself, “This is what i want…and this is what I’m grateful for…” Taking a few moments each day to do this is identical to prayer. Thus meditation is more of a universal practice than people think. As I began to do all these things and focus on my goals as an author, opportunities arose more rapidly. During that time I had an interview with the producers of The Food Network for a cooking show, and appeared as a supporting actress in an independent film.CHEFLEX

5.  Become an Authority Figure

Becoming an authority figure is all about earning trust. You have to lay out a roadmap for fans to follow where all paths lead back to you. You’re the mayor, doctor, teacher, and sheriff in your town. Show people that you’re an expert in a field, regardless of your qualifications. Interestingly enough, most people won’t take the time to research your credentials. They’ll just decide whether they like you and your content. I’d still advise using quality information because false evidence will come back to haunt you!