20 Most Ratchet Snacks in America

chips ahoy1. Chips Ahoy These bland, cookie-like, ultra commercialized biscuits are at the top of my list for one reason: I ate 1,000s of Chips Ahoy cookies in my childhood. I kept a stash in my bedroom as well as in the kitchen cabinet at all times. Too bad they changed their ultra ratchet recipe… pizza rolls2. Pizza Rolls Ah Pizza Rolls… I really wish these were healthy cause I miss them so, so much. They’re basically pita pockets made of cardboard and filled with a cheap tomato sauce, some cheese crumbles, & imitation meat. I ate one in college and felt ashamed for several days. pop tarts3. Pop-Tarts Pop Tarts were a go-to breakfast for many 90s moms because they were cheap & easy, and kids LOVE them. Almost every morning from ages 6 to 15, I ate either instant oatmeal or a toasted Pop Tart. In middle school, I graduated to the Brown Sugar Cinnamon flavor which was a big deal at the time because only my mom ate those…. classy. hostess donettes4. Hostess Donettes I’m really ratchet for this one, I know. They just went so well with orange juice & cartoons. I could seriously eat an entire bag of these by myself! tater tots5.Tater Tots Not sure if every kid was like this, but Tater Tots were my crack. I ate them with everything, at every meal, cooked however. They probably weren’t the healthiest snack on this list, but definitely not the worst! cosmic brownies6.Little Debbie’s: Cosmic Brownie Ok STOP! I hardly even ate these… Back in my day, school cafeterias used to have really crappy snacks! Cosmic Brownies came in packs of two, so I could usually bribe someone for their second half! reeses puffs7. Reese’s Puffs It’s such a tragedy that these made it on this list! They had so much potential. Unfortunately they’re not even close to real food. With ingredients like tricalcium Phosphate, red 40, yellows 5&6, blue 1, trisodium phosphate, and niacinamide, I don’t even think they count as food. 8. Honey Buns Obviously the struggle was real if you resorted to eating  honey buns. Nuff said. animal crackers9. Iced Animal Crackers OK animal crackers can still get the business. Don’t worry, I eat the plain ones too. They are just so, so tasty. But not in my soup… corn dogs10. Mini Corn Dogs Ummm… ghetto after school snack 101! I don’t know if there’s a kid in this world that loved corn dogs more than me. It’s like a hot dog, wrapped in a pancake! rice crispy treats11. Rice Crispy Treats I love rice crispy treats, and always will. The homemade one’s are far better than store bought! But who in the world thought to combine puffed rice with marshmallows and butter?!kool aid12. Kool-Aid & 7-11 Slushies My mom used to make that “good Kool-Aid” by adding extra sugar, and she would let us drink as much as we wanted, whenever we wanted! I envy Kool-Aid brand marketing – the ability to get parents to feed their kids water with sugar & food coloring is a feat. cheetos13. Cheetos Frito-Lay probably had no idea Cheetos – basically puffed corn with a dusting of a powdered chemical that vaguely reminds you of cheese – would be so popular. The introduction of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos started a snack food revolution! cheez its14. Cheese-Itz On the topic of cheese, I have no clue WHY these are so addicting. I could literally annihilate an entire box and still crave more. When they came out with White Cheddar Cheez-Its I had to basically be sent to rehab. These also make an amazing ingredient in creative cooking! I need to find a way to make them Vegan & Gluten-Free! ramen noodles15. Ramen Noodles I didn’t really get into Ramen Noodles until college when I realized they’d allow me to eat on less than $20 a week. Of course being the Imaginary Chef I am, I had to spice em up a bit. I added cayenne pepper, parsley, garlic powder, and they actually became a quality pasta dish friends would request when they visited! M&Ms16. M & M’s M&M’s pretty much dominate the snack world. They’re in trail mix, you can get your face printed on them, they have personalities & star in commercials, and there are even “M&M world” locations across Asia, Europe, & the US! hot fries17. Hot Fries I’m not sure how, or why I was ever introduced to these but Hot Fries were my favorite childhood snack by far. My mom would buy an entire Sam’s club box of hot fries for me to take for lunch. Ew but Parmesan Hot Fries can go to hell. slim jim 18. Slim Jims Umm… do these even count as meat? oreo19. Oreo’s Classic snack porn. People love Oreo’s so much, they’ve taken them to the next level in the 21st century. For our wedding we had an Oreo Cookies n Cream Ice Cream Cake, and you can even buy deep fried Oreo’s… hostess20. Hostess: Twinkies, Ho Ho’s, Ding Dong’s, Fruit Pies, & Cupcakes Just no. Even my ratchet tastebuds were too good for these snacks. If you eat any of these – I’m going to say a prayer for your taste buds.

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