6 Things Missing From Your Bucket List

Life is all about, spontaneity, adventure, and passion. So many people put their dreams on the back burner until they retire and end up too unhealthy to fulfill them. The best time to follow your dreams is now. I suggest writing a [bucket] list to keep track of your progress toward achieving your dreams. An average bucket list consists of things like traveling the world, learning a new language, running a marathon, and going sky diving. Here are some important things that are likely missing from your bucket list:

1. VOLCANO BOARDING Cerro Negro is the steepest, most active cinder cone volcano in the world (23 eruptions in 160 years)…so why not slide down it. Sure the idea of sand-boarding on an active volcano sounds terrifying, but the steep, 4 hour hike up the mountain – while wearing several layers of clothing, and carrying 30 lbs of gear through the scorching heat – is the true feat!
When: January
Where: Managua, Nicaragua
Cost: $100 – $150


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2. HIKING THE “CAMINITO DEL REY” or “Walkway of the King” is a walkway, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in the Málaga, Spain. It was constructed to provide workers at the surrounding power plants with a means to transport of materials and has been referred to as the “world’s most dangerous walkway.”
When: year round
Where: Málaga, Spain
Cost: Free through Novemver 2015


3. OWNING A BUSINESS Not only do business owners get to live by their own rules, and pick their hours – they create jobs, and provide structure in society. The opportunity to own a business is an incredible privilege and responsibility, something everyone should try.
When: Today!
Where: Out of your home or online
Cost: A startup can range from $100 to $1M

4. EATING SOMETHING ALIVE Although eating something alive doesn’t sound remotely appetizing, the animalistic nature of it is sort of appealing. It probably won’t become a habit, but you should definitely try it in your lifetime!
When: After a couple drinks
Where: Gwangjang Market in Korea
Cost: $20 for a live octopus


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5. LIVING WITH A HOST FAMILY Living with a host family is an accommodation alternative to a hotel. In the past, only students studying abroad had the opportunity to live with a host family, but nowadays there are sites like Airbnb.com (click here for $25 off). I have lived with 3 different host families in Ecuador, Germany, and Costa Rica (via both study abroad programs and Airbnb). I loved it so much I now prefer to live with a host any time I travel to a new country.
When: A short-term study abroad OR the first leg of a trip to a new country
Where: I prefer Latin America over Europe
Cost: It varies; 1 bedroom in a 2-bedroom house in Costa Rica was $25/night


6. CAGE DIVING Cage diving is not for the faint of heart – it’s every daredevil’s dream come true. This type of diving usually lasts about 15 minutes in some sort of enclosure that is immersed in the animal’s habitat. The experience is then enhanced by feeding the animals bloody carcasses while to encourage more movement, and ensure an up close and personal encounter.
OPTIONS: Great White Sharks (Scary) OR Nile Crocodiles (Terrifying)
When: April through August/September
Where: Zimbabwe, Australia, and South Africa
Cost: $100 to $200

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