9 Reasons Why the Internet is a Weird Place

1. ONE in THREE new relationships begins online
As the number of people interacting on a daily basis decreases, the number of relationships initiated online increases. The anonymity of meeting someone from behind a computer screen makes this form of dating preferable for many. Online dating sites can be used for anything from one-night-stands, to serious dating, or even finding new friends while traveling. Though I’ve heard mixed reviews about internet dating, it appears the most efficient way to court a potential partner.

2. “Cat-fishing” is a real problem.
Many people turn to online dating after they’ve been widowed or divorced. This is probably the worst thing to do in such a vulnerable state, yet people continue to do it. Cat-fishing is a type of romance scam where an individual deliberately manipulates another for nefarious purposes. Often, this is for financial gain or to fulfill a narcissistic fantasy.

3. You can survive for years without leaving your computer.
Today you can call, email, and video chat on the internet. You can also order food, personal care services, babysitting services, portable hygiene devices, and medications on the web. You can go on virtual vacations and dates, learn languages, earn a virtual degree, open a store, visit the doctor, get married, and live out your wildest fantasies (Check out Second Life). Freaky.

4. You can buy organs on the internet.
The World Health Organization instituted guidelines that forbade buying and selling organs. However, due to corruption and coercion, local laws, international organ trafficking, organ purchase on the “Dark Web” has gone viral. Donors from Brazil, India, and South Africa are recruited, operated on, and have their organs shipped to clinics with “don’t ask don’t tell” policies. Most of these “clinics” also accept walk-in donors without question. Whet?!

5. 84% of Internet activity takes place on the “Dark Web.”
Yes, this is a real thing and it’s actually quite terrifying. Everything from credit fraud, to murder-for-hire takes place on the dark web. Millennial generation hackers (even the novice ones) are lightyears ahead of the government when it comes to the worldwide web. Learn More.

6. The things you wrote on Myspace, Bebo, Black Planet, Classmates, and Xanga will haunt you to your grave.
I was about 13 when those sites were popular. I hardly remember managing a Bebo account, however your employer will have access to everything you’ve ever done on the web – forever.

7. Eventually your computer will be smarter than you… and automated.
It’s only a matter of time before computers begin anticipating our subconscious actions. The human brain has roughly 100 terabytes of storage compared to computers (generally 10 terabytes or less). However, our conscious minds operate on a few gigabytes of storage – the equivalent to that of an iPod or USB flash drive.

8. Your webcam could get hacked.
Your personal data is being cached and sold everyday. Recently, hackers have been reportedly spying on MacBook owners via their webcam software. Sony – an international, multi-billion dollar company, ranked 105th on the 2014 Fortune Global 500 list – was hacked. That being said, hackers can basically do anything. However, it’s VERY unlikely they’ll target you if you’ve got less than $1,000,000.00 in the bank.

9. There is no such thing as privacy.
If you still don’t think the internet is a weird place, let me break it down for you. Every photo you post, every status you make, every text you send, every location you travel to, and every site you access leaves a data trail. Have you ever noticed how the items in your Target shopping cart appear in the sidebar of each additional site you visit that day? Well, that’s because: cookies. Cookies are packets of data sent by an Internet server to a browser, used to identify (track) the user’s activities. Cookies are recorded and sold by major companies like Facebook, allowing retailers to target your unique consumer behaviors. Cookies are an extremely accurate way to predict consumer behaviors, allowing companies to do everything but enter your credit card information for you. Drone technology also offers 24-hour, unmanned surveillance of your behaviors offline. It has also given governments the ability to fire missiles from SEVEN miles away. Because of the internet, technology is advancing exponentially and people are more informed than ever. The internet is a weird place indeed.

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