Accidentally Vegan: Gas Station Haul

When I get the late night munchies I never know what to eat, but here’s a cheat sheet of vegan snacks you can buy at any gas station OR convenience store! No more late night Taco Hell!
This list is also going to help me cheat clean(er) on my cheat day.

1. Oreo’s
Milk’s favorite cookie…is vegan!

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2. Cracker Jacks
I always bought Cracker Jacks for the prize inside, but now I may actually eat the popcorn!

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3. Swedish Fish
I hope my grown-up Easter basket next year has two things: Swedish Fish and $$$

4. Keebler Fudge Sticks Yum! It’s like a dairy-free Kit Kat with less fake chocolate and more nougat! Triple win!

5. Skittles I can taste all the colors of the rainbow without animal products!

6. Red Vines
…so next time you can indulge in a half-bin of guiltless pleasure!

7. Traditional Chex Mix Favorite Gas Station snack of all time right here!

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8. Fritos
…Hmmm I wonder if the spicy or chili cheese ones are vegan? These are great for culinary experiments!

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9. Twizzlers Who doesn’t love Twizzlers?! Once I ate 62 of them…

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10. Sour Patch Kids
I used to LOVE sour candy, and these are like a Swedish Fish/gummy worm hybrid aka THE BEST.

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11. Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos SOMEHOW… these are vegan. #perplexed

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12. Sun Chips Original flavor
Sun chips were my “healthy” go-to when I started eating better. I guess the fact that they’re vegan doesn’t make me seem like a complete idiot.

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13. RITZ Bacon Crackers How? Just, how?!

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14. Red Bull
There are only two situations in which drinking Red Bull is acceptable:

(1) at a college party or
(2) if you’re trying to stay awake on a road trip.

If you’re vegan for health reasons, you definitely don’t need to be drinking Red Bull. Nonetheless, it’s vegan.

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15. BBQ LAYS I have been delivered! Original and BBQ LAYS ARE VEGAN!

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