Freedom Through Food

For some insane reason, we think food is to blame for mental, physical, and even financial pain we’ve suffered. Quite the contrary, REAL food is provided by the Earth to nourish us, provide us with energy, and even protect us against bacteria and disease.

Mental Freedom

Food can provide us with mental freedom, reminding us that our basic needs are taken care of. Imagine if you lived in the elements and nature didn’t provide any food. You’d spend all your energy hunting and cooking your next meal – which wouldn’t provide you much energy because the animal also spent their entire day hunting their food. It’s so easy to take for granted.

The mental freedom food provides, allows us to focus our energy on producing and creating value for society. Over several generations, this value will evolve humanity. Learning to cook will provide you with even more freedom. Imagine if our entire culture became independent in the kitchen. Cooking our own food means that we know EXACTLY what’s going in our bodies.

Physical Freedom

Running from food is not the answer to getting the body you desire. 90% of dieters fail to keep the weight off for more than a year. Throughout my life, I’ve seen my mom try at least 10 different diets and she still struggles with her weight. Food provides us with physical freedom by nourishing us and giving us energy. If we deny our bodies food, we’ll start storing more of what we already have (fat), and craving more of what we don’t need (sugar). Becoming enslaved by food is more about mentality. Have you ever had a bad break up and resorted to eating a pint of chocolate ice cream? I’ve done it, its not uncommon. When we’re unhappy, we’re going to seek foods with the same vibration. Next time you’re suffering from period cramps, have some spinach or peanut butter.


It’s not all our fault. Most of the foods we eat are tainted with chemicals that preserve, extend the shelf life, and make the foods taste more desirable. Processed foods are literally meant to trick your body, they might as well be drugs. The foods we’re told are “healthy,” are mostly marketing hype & propaganda, and everyone we know is struggling with body image in some way, shape, or form. Food keeps us on top of our game. Learn to love food, REAL food, and you’ll find physical freedom.

Financial Freedom

Going out to eat can be very expensive. It’s costly to your wallet, and also costly to your health. Think about that for a second, you’re literally paying 10x as much for food that you’re going to have to counter later with more nutritional food! Have you ever had a huge meal that you finished and were still hungry afterward?

Most of the food we eat at restaurants gives us very little nutrition, and costs way more than if we made it ourselves. We’re paying for the restaurant’s operating expenses, the service, building, staff, etc. Not to mention it’s coated in chemicals that are probably killing us.

I get it, fast food is convenient and cheap. What’s the solution if you don’t want to cook or spend way more money? Budget and learn to live beyond the senses. Figure out what foods give you the best bang for your buck based on nutrition. My husband and I have chocolatey grain shakes that provide our entire day’s worth of fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamins A, D, B12, Iron, and Magnesium. The best part? The shakes takes 5 minutes to make, we’re super lean and fit, and we spend about $30 a week on groceries. We’re choosing health over taste – although our shakes are really freaking delicious! What if I told you that your Starbucks coffee 3 – 4 times a week would cost you your dreams? Would you be willing to make some changes?

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