Our (Accidental) 2018 Eatcation Across Asia

I think moving to Asia would’ve been the adventure of a lifetime and really good for our marriage. However, I let fear get the best of me and we didn’t move.

Regardless, I love love love Florida. And I am so grateful our dogs are safe. And I’m grateful for the things we’ve been able to experience stateside, and the closeness to New Orleans (my roots). In 2019, we visited New Orleans like 6 times lol. But I’ll share more about that later. BOY, do they have some good eatin’ but it takes a few trips to feel it out, and find the truly remarkable eateries.

How The Accidental Asian Eatcation Happened.

Originally, we had one-way tickets to Asia because we were going to move to Thailand. At the last minute, we ended up going without our dogs (my fault) because I freaked out about the long flight with our anxious little Nala. I was also terrified to move across the Atlantic ocean, and leave everything. my dad had just died that January, and we were scheduled to fly out the first week of March.

Instead of moving, we went to scout out a location we liked with our dogs and planned to fly back to get them in a month or so.

We also got some time away from the pups – we absolutely love them, but we got them in college and it made it really hard to have cheap living expenses, and grow as individuals and a couple. It was just a lot, I cannot imagine if we’d had KIDS young!!

So it was kind of an escape from them without the guilt of giving them away for good. It gave us time to be a young couple, where we could just country hop or stay out late without having to worry about taking them out to pee every few hours.

We bought round trip tickets from Asia, and back, specifically from Vietnam and back to Vietnam. We ended visiting Bangkok, then took a week detour to Bali (Indonesia), then visited Nha Trang Vietnam, then Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

We flew back to the US, but (I) still couldn’t decide a good place to bring the dogs – can you blame me, they eat dogs in some of those countries?? So we drive around the US for 3 months and ended up taking the second trip without them again. Hubby wasn’t too happy about that… Ultimately we didn’t move to Asia, but during that second trip, we spent a month in Vietnam, a couple of weeks in China, and a month in Malaysia.

First Stop: Bangkok, Thailand

Second Stop: Bali, Indonesia

Third Stop: Nha Trang, Vietnam

Fourth Stop: Saigon, Vietnam

Fun fact: The flight attendant checking us in at the Vietnamese airport would not allow us to leave the country unless we had an exit ticket from our next destination.

We had already booked a flight to Malaysia & an Airbnb for a month, but she wasn’t going to let us check in unless we could prove we would be leaving Malaysia in a month.

I’m sure she had no grounds to do this kind of bullying, but neither of us spoke Vietnamese and we had less than an hour to catch our flight. We booked a quick flight from Malaysia > Singapore and actually considered visiting – that is until we saw how expensive everything is there!

Fifth Stop: Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Sixth Stop: Guangzhou, China

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