We spent about a week in Guangzhou, eating locally, and visiting my brother-in-law.

The campus food wasn’t too good, super salty. But the food in the city, just beyond the campus, was pretty good. Not on par with Malaysia or Indonesia, but it was edible. My favorite thing near campus was this red spicy soup with all kinds of stuff in it. I wish I knew what it was lol.

  • Location Guangzhou, China
  • Best Dish Beef and Broccoli, or the street dumplings.
  • Hard Pass Singapore Pigeon
  • Types of Cuisine Chinese Traditional & Fast Food
  • Overall Rating 3 Stars
I ordered beef and broccoli (I think), and Brad had some kind of spicy chicken. This was shortly after we started eating meat again after 3 years vegan. It felt VERY adventurous to say the least...
Anyone know what this is? We didn't buy it, but saw it at the local convenience mart.
Classroom snacks. Brandon (Brad's brother) was teaching a class, and they had snacks the day we sat-in on his class. These are some kind of chips, and a mandarin orange.
Our Korean BBQ in China! It was actually really good, and the quality was better than the Chinese restaurants in the USA.
This was some kind of beef and pepper dish. Most people in Guangzhou can't speak English (China was actually the least english-speaking of everywhere we went in Asia). We couldn't read the menus but Brad's brother had some basic Chinese skills, so we got by. So basically I don't know what this meal is...
Chicken feet at the local convenience store. I guess this would be like a snack, something like beef jerky?
French fries were our saving grace overseas when we got burnt out on oriental cuisine.