The Imaginary Chef Diet (2015)

A New Lifestyle

It’s time for a lifestyle change! Clean out your refrigerator. Anything that last longer than 6 months, other than starches, should be thrown out. Sauces, dressings, syrups, creamers, and gravies are now your arch nemesis. Losing weight, and getting healthy requires effort (and not in the traditional sense).  It doesn’t take endless hours at the gym or crazy diets like eating nothing but apples for a week. This diet is all about simplifying what you’re putting in your body.  Think about the biological process that would occur to whatever you’re eating if you left it in your backyard for a few days excluding the probability an animal would eat it.imaginary chef diet pyramid

An egg, for example, would fry and then dry out.  Lettuce, nuts, etc would easily compost.  Now think of a fast food cheeseburger.  Each ingredient in a processed food has to break down independently before the whole thing is noticeably bad.  Man-made chemicals make the spoilage process even longer, as they were created to preserve foods for an incredible length of time.  A similar process is occurring in your body.

If you eat something in its raw form, it easily breaks down in your body.  Nutrients are absorbed, and your colon takes care of getting rid of the junk.  When you give your body too many compounds to breakdown, it reacts and stores excess intake as fat that will be processed over time. This is why you don’t need to count calories.  When your body is being well nourished by what you’re eating, it will better regulate hunger and fullness.

Lose Ounces in the Gym, & Pounds in the Kitchen

I personally believe that 90% of the battle is in the kitchen.  You have to read labels, and make a conscious effort to cook better, more nutritious meals.  I was on a high-carb/high-exercise diet in high school, then a vegetarian diet in college, and a paleo diet post-grad.  The paleo diet worked best for me because it simplified everything, kind of like finishing a puzzle that’s 75% complete.  I think the paleo diet is the closest to the diet I’ve created here because it’s so easy a caveman can do it.

You’re basically going to be on a vegan diet, focusing primarily on legumes, veggies, nuts, & seeds. With the exception of grapefruit, avoid all sugars and fruits. This will be essential for weight-loss, as the average person consumes more sugar than their daily requirement in one sitting. Grapefruits are equally important because they have great belly fat-burning potential. Don’t worry, you’ll acquire a taste for them if you don’t already like them.

The Grapefruit Trick

Try to eat a grapefruit 3 days a week, as well as if you experience late night hunger. Concentrate on eating an abundance of leafy greens, don’t eat white starches (rice, potatoes, flour, etc), drink only water, and designate one cheat day (the same day) each week. There are NO rules on cheat; take this opportunity to pig out on pancakes!

This diet gets easier and easier the longer you’re on it. In week or two, your tastebuds will be enhanced. You’ll be able to enjoy the full sweetness of a grapefruit, where previously artificial sweeteners would’ve numbed your tastebuds. Traditionally “bland” vegetables will have more flavor than ever before. The Imaginary Chef Diet should help you to get to the best version of your natural body in no time!