Meet The Imaginary Chef…

Who doesn’t love playing with food?

We all played with our food as kids, and this allowed us to explore our bodies and the world around us.

Before we could talk, we learned to appreciate the unique sensory experience of being human. I think playing in the kitchen can relieve stress, and teach big kids to love adult responsibilities. Cooking helped me develop greater confidence in myself, and I can’t wait to share the experience with my own children someday.

Cooking your own food comes with a host of additional benefits like quality control, and you can perfectly cater meals to your family’s palate. But for starters, cooking is a grounding experience that can reconnect some of the self-sufficiency we’ve lost in this everything done-for-you era.

I’m actually not a chef… I’ve never been to culinary school, and all of my technique comes from the internet and a quick lesson with my Granny just before she passed away.

I call myself “The Imaginary Chef” because I dream of combining ingredients, and sometimes it works out lol.

To put it simply, I like to play with my food.

If you do too, it’s playtime!

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